Learn How to Increase Female Breasts Without Ever Seeing a Doctor

Learn How to Increase Female Breasts Without Ever Seeing a Doctor

Learn How to Increase Female Breasts Without Ever Seeing a Doctor

Natural breast enlargement products are widely available, all promising fuller, firmer breasts without any scars or surgery.

How effective are they?
Lots of women want bigger breasts but are not so keen to undergo surgery for various reasons. Surgery, although it offers almost immediate results, is often very expensive and can go wrong! You normally have to have the job re-done after 15 years too. For years now, alternative methods of breast augmentation have been available but with so much choice and so many promises it is difficult to differentiate between the Real McCoy and the breast enhancement scam!

There are a large number of options available; breast enlargement pills, creams, bra inserts, exercise techniques, pumps and even chewing gum!

Creams and Pills
The breast augmentation creams and pills contain natural herbal supplements and when used together as part of your daily routine, claim to increase your cup size by at least a a cup. To achieve good results it is a good idea to include a specific breast enhancement massage into your daily routine. If you are a smoker or drinker then refusing from these habits will also be beneficial to the enlargement process. They will also give you a realistic time frame in which you can expect the changes to occur. This method will not increase your breast size overnight, you need to be dedicated and patient. Normally you would start to note increased firmness and fullness after one month.

Bra Inserts and Padded Cups
Bra inserts and padded cups are a good, temporary measure to give you a more ample cleavage for that all important first date but what happens if you get another date after this one? When will you be able to tell the Potential Mr. Right that what he is seeing is all padding?

Breast Pumps
As for breast pumps which use an almost vacuum-like technique to encourage the tissues to grow and stretch, one word, Ouch! Many reviews of this type of breast enhancement technology found that the users experienced great discomfort while using these products. This method involves wearing quite a bulky bra top that is uncomfortable and unsightly under most clothing.

Chewing Gum
The most interesting of all of these breast enlargement methods is the latest innovation in chewing gum which claims to increase your cup size as you chew! This technique takes an everyday habit and uses it to your advantage. Results can be expected within a month as long as you follow their guidelines and carry out daily breast exercises.

If the product promises you larger breasts overnight it is probably a scam. The reputable companies will offer additional advice and guidelines on exercises and lifestyle choices! You should take care to buy your natural breast enhancement products from a reliable company who are honest and give you the facts!

New Trend
However, there are many thousands of women who are using reputable breast enhancement gum and reporting an increase in breast size and firmness after only three or four weeks. The suppliers also offer a full money back guarantee! So it would appear that it is possible to chew and grow!

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