What Is A Swedish Massage

What Is A Swedish Massage

What Is A Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a technique that is used to help in the recovery process of aching muscles. Much like the name implies it is a massage that was developed by a Swedish doctor, Per Henrik Ling, with the purpose of helping muscles to recover faster. It was developed in the 1700’s and has many different techniques that are used in this massage style. The primary practice of this type of massage is to use the palms of your hands in order to make the force the muscles into the muscles below them or to rub them into bones below them. The muscles are rubbed in the same way that the blood flows through them in an effort to force the impurities and the items such as lactic acid out of the muscles and into the bloodstream away from the muscle and out of the tissue itself in order to shorten recovery times and to make the muscle more relaxed and flexible.

There are many different styles in this technique of massage. There is the percussion which involves the rapid tapping of the therapist’s hands on the muscle much like one would play the drums. It is this technique that is highly popularized through commercialization and television. There is the friction technique which involves the fingertips and palms of the massage giver’s hands. This uses a lot of rubbing and pushing on the muscles in order to tie the tension. Then there is the technique of the petrissage. This is where the therapist would use their hands to knead the muscle tension out much like one would do when they are working with bread dough. Squeezing and kneading to remove any lumps or impurities from the muscle to make it smooth and functional again. There is the technique of effleurage in which the masseur would gently rub the muscle using only the palms and fingertips of their hands to achieve the success that you so desireately want.

These techniques are all variations on the same theory that was used by Dr. Ling. They are different variations and pressures that are applied that are all working together to achieve the same result. The result that you are looking for from a Swedish massage is of course faster muscle recovery and any or all of these techniques can be used to help you to attain this goal. By combining them together based on the muscle group and the severity of the damage that has been caused to the muscle then you will be able to decide which technique best suits your needs based on the situation as well as the damage that has been done.

Remember it is your body and you can help it to recover in any way that you desire, but the Swedish massage is a great way to get your muscles back up and running in a shorter period of time. Use this to help you get back up and moving faster and more efficiently to get the most out of your days.

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